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One of My Brothers

    Wow. Crazy. I met this guy two or three years ago. He was one of the most interesting guys I have come to know. Every single day he had a brand new story with a brand new twist. Each story was so different and extravagant. Enthusiasm was raving in his eyes, with each little detail he would smile. He has this laugh.. This really contagious laugh and he was not afraid to be himself. As a people watcher I look for that trait in people. The people who stand up and say, “I AM ME AND YOU CAN DO NOTHING TO STOP ME!”. I grew to like him a lot so I tried to bump into him at the park as many times as I could; since we were locals there. I looked up to him when we were skateboarding too. His kickflips were so damn nice compared to mine. Eventually I started this group called sk8nsheeit and I invited the people I’ve met there that also don’t have a...

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You’re born with a voice!

    I was in a supermarket with one of my lifeline brothers. We were there shopping for taco ingredients for dinner. So we ask one of the workers where the salsa was. He just points in a general direction. Without paying attention you wouldn’t even know if he was pointing or fist pumping with a finger extended. - I used to work in a deli and when people would point and not say anything. I developed a habit to just look ‘em in their eyes and into their souls. When they wonder why I’m not moving they realize that I have no idea what they want. - So I just stopped and looked him dead in the eye. He whispered upon exhale, “aisle one” I was not satisfied so I asked him to speak up. “Salsa on Aisle one” FINALLY! But when we went to look for it the salsa wasn’t even there.

    The point if that story is...

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The ability to do “nothing”

    So I came across this post while I was wasting time scrolling through Facebook like the way I know we all do Click here for the post . The analogy used by Mr. Gungor is very precise in my opinion. For example, when I’m skateboarding I wouldn’t even check my phone and focus on doing tricks that I want to do or learn a trick I want to learn. Purely focusing on the box that is open right now also when I am hanging out with someone I don’t take out my phone because nothing else matters right now and they deserve my uninterrupted attention. Thus it is exactly like opening up boxes upon doing different things or in different situations. Personally, I take the information I learn from each box and apply it within other boxes if possible but I sure as hell would not open another box until I have finished with the one I have currently and put it away...

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The idea of having a “crush”

    We’ve all gone through this. The oh so terrifying thing as to having a “crush”. We’ve all said things like “OMG SHE’S RIGHT THERE. HOW’S MY HAIR? TEETH? ARE MY PIMPLES BURSTING?” or “STOP. I CAN’T. MY HEART IS GONNA BURST. HIDE ME!” I used to be like that; screaming fan boy for that gorgie of a girl. Then end up creeping her right out cause of my naive mindset of “just go for it”. Little did I know you gotta know what you’re gonna do when you “go for it”! Being a scrawny Asian kid doesn’t help either. So I ended up just having a crush and then idolizing her cause I couldn’t do anything about it.

    Now, that I understand what having a “crush” means, I feel like the way people normally think about it is foolish. Having a ...

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“Too idealistic”

“Too idealistic, but that’s nice to think about”

    I felt a rush of different emotions when I read this phrase whilst talking to a good friend of mine. Is there such thing as being TOO idealistic? This was brought up when I took a selfie and he rated my smile 6/10. So I asked him, “How can I make my smile a 10/10?” He replied with, “LOL there are no 10s. 10 means you have reached PERFECTION.” I completely disagreed with that statement since I believe every smile that is genuine is 10/10. Who is to say your smile, her smile, their smile, or anyone’s smile isn’t perfect? For example, when you know that someone is smiling because they have achieved something is the perfect 10/10 smile. Lately, I’ve noticed that I smile to the point of tears is when I think about my brothers that have stuck with me through all these years. When I see them, I...

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