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I’ve been MIA for

Hi, I don’t know where to begin. It’s like I haven’t been around for a while huh.. It’s been quite a while. Ever since I started to work I stopped blogging. I might be starting this whole thing up again. So within the of a year I’ve been away a lot of things have changed. I got myself two jobs one of which I quit due to the lack of hours and rather focus on the other one. What jobs? HAH! I thought you’d never ask! I got a job at Roots (Canadian based retail store) and at Ten Ren’s (Taiwan Tea Shop), I was a sales associate and am a barista for the other. Roots was an awesome time. I got to meet a group of new people for the first time in a long time. I also enjoy Ten Ren’s because it keeps my mind busy due to memorization of all the recipes as well as constantly be doing something instead of standing around. Not to mention it brought the fob side of me back to life. There’s something...

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“It Keeps No Records of Wrongs”


“It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.” - 1 Corithians 13:5

A lot of people ask me, “How can you be so happy all the time?”, “How do you deal with me?”, “Why are you listening to me being so depressing?” To be quite frank, I know you’re struggling and that you don’t mean the things you say. Your mind is clouded at the moment You just need someone here to listen because not everyone knows how to truly listen. Listening skills you think is easy. Hearing the words from someone’s lips. That’s listening right? Wrong. Listening to someone requires more than just hearing. It requires a different sense you have to develop. Some say it’s the sixth or seventh sense. This “sense” is being able to determine someone’s character based on how they said their first hello. Based on their strut, posture, body language, tone of...

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Your heart, mind and body always dictate what we do. Whether to fight of flight, hate or love, try or not. It is one thing to impulsively act but it is another to do what’s righteous and justified. It definitely isn’t always easy to do. In fact it’s probably one of the toughest challenge we face today. If we had that sense of willpower since day 1; Eve would’ve never ate that fruit thus we would not exist in the state that we are in right now at this very moment. To attain this sort of willpower to hold back from temptations is hard. From all the spoils of society and modern day technology we naturally would want what “everyone” has and become “acceptable”. I personally find it easier to hold a short term goal to myself like refraining from buying snacks or going out to eat like a 30 day famine sort of thing. Famines are more socially acceptable and appreciated. Sooner or later you...

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Do you “Twilter”?


This one sparked up from talking, or texting rather, my “God Sister”. No she’s not my ACTUAL God Sister but I adopted her… Long story. Well I noticed that she was replying halfheartedly only telling me about the events in her life when we would catch up or say what’s up. I found myself starting to dread asking her what’s going on with her life because I already know what to expect. The messages seemed kind of “empty” and meaningless. As if it were just text and words from learning the alphabet. I then realized what it was. Sure, I care about the events like you going on a date and how they opened the door for you. But what I care MORE is about HOW they did those actions. Did they say anything that stuck out to you? Or like what did you think when they did those certain things for you. What’s lacking in day to day conversations now that social media is becoming this giant we can not...

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People are always scared to share their pasts when pain is involved. We hate to live through that experience even if it’s just being reminded of it. We fear others judging us cause no one likes being picked on - singled out as being weird or abnormal. We inevitably want to be treated as an equal to society. So we naturally start comparing ourselves and our pains with others. Thus, people start judging one another by saying things like, “At school she’s so fake.” or “OMG what an attention whore!” To be honest, no one’s pain is necessarily more than someone else’s. Think of it like this. An 8oz cup when filled up is considered “full” but also a 2oz cup when filled up is also considered “full”. You can’t say the 8oz cup is fuller than the 2oz. In other words, just because someone hasn’t gone through what you have doesn’t mean that the pain is any more or less than yours. How could you,...

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“No Strings Attached” is a Healthy Relationship

You see all these posts on Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter or whichever one of the vast amount of social media you have seen love portrayed. Fluffed up love. All over these medias are pictures of couples kissing in front of a carnival with the unfocussed glistening Ferris wheel in the background or couples wearing matching clothes. Pictures of couples cuddling each other, groping each other. “When a guy picks you up when you kiss” - thingsgirlssay quote posts. Watching a couple dance together, eat ice cream together, prom/homecoming proposals. Sure the picture perfect moments were captured but that is all it is.. Picture perfect moments. You then indulge yourself into one of these relationships and realize your heart isn’t in it.

Alright, before you indulge yourself into a relationship first ask yourself. Do I accept and love myself? You see, you have to first find...

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This topic was sparked by these people I met going back to high school. I find that when I talk to them person to person they are on an entire different wave length than when I talk to them at school or in front of their friends. For instance, this girl I met; she would be super gossipy with her girls but when I find her alone, she’s the most down to earth sweet soul I have come to know. Kinda makes me wonder, “What on this Earth can influence someone to become so different so quick?” Are they lacking that confidence in themselves to portray their true face and true nature toward not only a select few but an entire population? Could it also be that they are afraid what people would say about them when they demonstrate their vulnerabilities? I know that I am in no position to try and influence someone to take off that mask and live as themselves. But to me, it feels like they are...

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One of My Brothers

Wow. Crazy. I met this guy two or three years ago. He was one of the most interesting guys I have come to know. Every single day he had a brand new story with a brand new twist. Each story was so different and extravagant. Enthusiasm was raving in his eyes, with each little detail he would smile. He has this laugh.. This really contagious laugh and he was not afraid to be himself. As a people watcher I look for that trait in people. The people who stand up and say, “I AM ME AND YOU CAN DO NOTHING TO STOP ME!”. I grew to like him a lot so I tried to bump into him at the park as many times as I could; since we were locals there. I looked up to him when we were skateboarding too. His kickflips were so damn nice compared to mine. Eventually I started this group called sk8nsheeit and I invited the people I’ve met there that also don’t have a crew. Soon after we started skateboarding...

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You’re born with a voice!

I was in a supermarket with one of my lifeline brothers. We were there shopping for taco ingredients for dinner. So we ask one of the workers where the salsa was. He just points in a general direction. Without paying attention you wouldn’t even know if he was pointing or fist pumping with a finger extended. - I used to work in a deli and when people would point and not say anything. I developed a habit to just look ‘em in their eyes and into their souls. When they wonder why I’m not moving they realize that I have no idea what they want. - So I just stopped and looked him dead in the eye. He whispered upon exhale, “aisle one” I was not satisfied so I asked him to speak up. “Salsa on Aisle one” FINALLY! But when we went to look for it the salsa wasn’t even there.

The point if that story is to show that you must use your voice otherwise no one will know your intentions! If you’re...

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The ability to do “nothing”

So I came across this post while I was wasting time scrolling through Facebook like the way I know we all do Click here for the post . The analogy used by Mr. Gungor is very precise in my opinion. For example, when I’m skateboarding I wouldn’t even check my phone and focus on doing tricks that I want to do or learn a trick I want to learn. Purely focusing on the box that is open right now also when I am hanging out with someone I don’t take out my phone because nothing else matters right now and they deserve my uninterrupted attention. Thus it is exactly like opening up boxes upon doing different things or in different situations. Personally, I take the information I learn from each box and apply it within other boxes if possible but I sure as hell would not open another box until I have finished with the one I have currently and put it away carefully. If you read the post it...

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